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What’s Unique To This Site

I want to recognize the following people, because they have written,
thanking me for honoring their grandparents and other relatives at this site:

Joseph Amante y Zapata
Grand-nephew of Emiliano Zapata

Tamara Garcia
Marcia Olafson, Mr. Montano
Descendants of Geronimo, Apache Chief

Paul A LaForte
Descendant of Chief Wolf Robe

Kelly Mungary
Great-grandson of Victorio, Apache Chief

Sherline Colbert
Great-great-great-great grandaughter of Chief Joseph

Greg Roy
Great-great-great grandson of Pontiac, Ottawa Chief

Gigi Porter & Lindsey Huston (Nivy)
Descendants of Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief

Greg McGaa, Hakikte Narjin Jordan (Sicanju)
Mary Truslow , & Jean Sill

Great-great-grandchildren of Red Cloud, Lakota Chief

Debra M. , P. Reskool,
Roylene Rides at the Door-Waln,
Mike McQueen, Marion D. Wardrick,
Brigette Watts, & Kim M. Rarig

Great-great-grandchildren of Sitting Bull, Lakota Chief

Gilbert Walking Bull
Descendant of Crazy Horse

Stacey Low Dog-Scares Hawk,
Great-great-granddaughter of Chief Low Dog

Michael B. Davis, Joseph Brown Thunder
Great-great grandsons of American Horse, Lakota Chief

Native Peoples E-mail Contact List

Oochigeas the Heroine

Dear Mr. Welker,

The Multimedia Development Lab is a student run web site design class at Boston University. Every semester the MDL creates a web page for a non-profit organization, this semester we are creating a site called the Ooch, after Oochigeas the heroin you wrote about on your site. The Ooch is a site for children with cancer to participate with on the web. MDL felt that the story of Oochigeas is the most inspirational story for us to use on our site.

MDL is in the process of creating a protype for our client. In an attempt to educate our client and our future users about the Oochigeas story, we intend to use your story as a REFERENCE. Although we will be changing the story considerably, MDL wanted to make you aware of our intentions.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

MDL Pages related to this story for children:

Pain Of the Past
by: Lousie Morton

Possible Cure for Cancer:

Polk Weed Salad


Red Clover Blossom Tea

Take 20 red clover blossoms, boil them in a quart of
water for 5 minutes. Let stand for twenty-fours.

Dosage – 1 tablespoon 4 times a day.

Contact: W. Roger Lee
1776 South Columbia Place
Apartment A12
Decatur, GA 30032

The following pages were created upon request, and in return I dedicate
the majority of this web site to these special people. For it is
because of them who make these home pages very meaningful!

A Coyote’s Tales [Native American/Indian]
(Bill McCarron)

African Literature & Art
(Yunnus Rafiki and Lesikar ole Ngila)

Coyote and the Another One [Native American/Indian]
(Charles White)

Four Directions Inc.
Longwalker (Ernie Peters)

Grandmother’s Creation Story [Native American/Indian]
(Muskeke Iskwew) (Sharron John, Creek)
[Medicine/Healing Woman]

Latuff’s Zapatista Menu [Mexican/Indian]

Lipan Apache [Native American/Indian]
(Daniel Castro Romero. Jr.)

Otavaleño Literature
[Dedicated to the People of Otavalo, Ecuador]
(Marcelo Farinango)

Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan [Asia]
(Rebecca C. Fan)

Chiapas Menu [Dedicated to the People of Chiapas]

Chinese Literature

Hawaiian Book of Days [Native American/Indian]
(Debra F. Sanders)

Taino People [Columbus/Caribbean]
(Roberto Mucaro Barrero)

Prescencia Taina
(Roger Atihuabancex)

Gaelic (Celtic) Peoples Literature [Europe]
(Keridwen S. McKenzie)

Kalash Literature

Latino Spectrum [Mexico/Latin America]
(Roberto Rodriguez & Patrisia Gonzales)

Sun Child [Native American/Indian]
(Ed & Megan Berwick)

Latvia/Livonia Peoples Literature [Europe]
(Uldis Balodis)

Tai Chi

Tarahumara of Chihuahua [Mexico]
(Victor M. Mendoza)

Tibetan Literature

Tracing Five Generations of a Blackfoot Family
(Hugh Welch)

Walking Back the Cat [Native American/Indian]
(Larry Hill)


A special thanks goes to my good friend, Zamata, who has created very
beautiful web sites for the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, and has
also helped me immensely with the design of my sites.

Please view these outstanding pages at:

Andean Folklore and Culture
Likewise, please visit this gorgeous web site,
featuring original artwork of many
famous Indian chiefs, such as:

Geronimo, Chief Joseph, and Sitting Bull :

GeronimoChief JosephSitting Bull

by: Sonja Boekhorst

Best Pages at This Site

Aborigines of Australia




Crazy Horse
Frontera de la Palabra
Chief Joseph
Leaders & Chiefs
MCLR Home Page
Mother Earth Prayers
Native Art
Origin Stories
Rigoberta Menchu
Nez Perce
Ode to Chiapas
Red Cloud
Chief Seattle
Sitting Bull
Standing Bear
Stories (Misc.)

The following two pages will show a complete listing of all files available:

Sorted by Graphics
Sorted by Home Page


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