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Zapatista Art Gallery

“I dedicate this page to my good friend and artist, Latuff.”
(Go here for more work by this gifted artist.)

Zapatista Screen Saver
(Made from these images)

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Zapata Vive en Chiapas!

Photo Gallery

Latuff’s Zapatista Menu
(Click on images for full view)

Color Pictures

The Mexican GodzillaUS Powered Killing MachineZedillo and his dog..Zedillo in his favorite uniform...animatedZedillo in his favorite uniform...The Mexican F½hrerInspecting the TroopsConcentration Camps

The PlebisciteThe PlebisciteThe PlebisciteParamilitaries Working for Peace and JusticeHome of the new Mayan WarriorWe are here, to defend ourselvesCivil Tribunal for War Crimes in Chiapas

Until the Victory!We can all live together as oneBars will not quiet the truth!Freedom for political prisonersOur rights as natives will not to be destroyedDon't let them kill us

Why did the troops return?In the jungle are the nazis...but also the resistance!Where is the justice?Governmental lieGovernmental lie

Zapata lives!Zapata & Marcos TogetherI believe in better days for myself and you, my son...Marcos ThinkingKeep the world clean

Middle East

by: Latuff

Click on images for full size

Iraqi Slideshow
Mideast Montage – by Latuff
Palestine Slideshow
Palestine in Black & White

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