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Top Site Award

The Best 2500 Sites
Top Site Award

Dear Mr. Welker,

Indigenous Peoples’ Literature has been selected as one of
the top sites in our 2000 Guide To The Web,
as named by Smart Computing magazine.

The Guide Series is part of the Smart Computing family of
plain-English computer publications that currently reach 500,000 readers each month.

The Editors of Smart Computing selected your site as a “Top Site” for our directory based on the overall usefulness of the site. We ask ourselves whether the site provides the kind of content Web users would consider when looking for information in a particular category.

We look for breadth and depth of content first, but also take into account the organization and
presentation of the information. Is it current? Is the site easy to use?
All of these factors contributed to your inclusion as a “Top Site”.

Indigenous People’s Literature has also been selected as one of the Best Sites as named by
PC Novice/Smart Computing magazine. Every month PC Novice/Smart Computing magazines provide 500,000 readers with our easy-to-understand computing information in PLAIN ENGLISH.

I’m contacting you wanting to provide your organization with a web page icon acknowledging your selection to the list. The Editors of Smart Computing selected your site because they felt the content of your web site provided useful information to users of our magazines.

In addition, all award recipients are provided with a hyperlink on our web site connecting users to your web site. In return, we would like you to provide users of your site with a hyperlink to Smart Computing. This can easily be done by using the icon we provide to you acknowledging your selection to the list.



Kelly Richardson
Smart Computing

Featured Link of the Month
for September 1999

Indigenous Peoples’ Literature

Glenn H. Welker has created a very comprehensive site.
It includes links to many sites, information on many
tribes, biographies on many people, and a very large selection of Native literature.

Glenn now has his own address at whitestareagle.com.
You can find links to his pages throughout my links pages.
Additionaly, he has discussions on ongoing social issues.

This is a site well worth visiting!

Awarded by: Phil Konstantin

American Indian History Web Site

Growing with Technology Awards

Nominated for the prestigious
“Growing with Technology Awards”

Sponsered by Inc. Magazine and Cisco Sytems

Newsweek, Aug. 25, 1998, pg. 12

“Cyberscope” – Site Collecting

‘When the Web Was Young’


My name is Sean Bentley. I am a writer for the
Microsoft Internet Explorer Home User site.

Every week we post a column (“Surfalot’s Picks of the Web”) that
features our favorite links on a certain topic. We have included a link
to your great Native Americans Web page for an upcoming article.

It will post on Wednesday Sept. 16 and run 7 days. Thereafter,
the article will be archived, so people will still be able to access it.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can e-mail me at:


Thanks, and best wishes.


Please note: Surfalot’s Pick of the Web no longer exists.

Microsoft Bookshelf 98 for Windows

Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 99

Internet Directory

“A couple of years back, a group of volunteers got together to create an Internet database devoted to covering indigenous issues around the world. The result of these efforts was a project called NativeWeb, and from that evolved the Indigenous Peoples’ Literature site. From this page, visitors may click on ‘Famous Documents’ to read An Apology to the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, the Declaration of a Global Ethic, the story of Hiawatha, the Indian Pledge of Allegiance, and the texts of historic speeches.

Click on ‘Poetry’ to explore Navajo poetry.

To read fables of the Mayas, bear stories, grandfather stories,
or wolf stories, select the ‘Stories’ link.

And for spiritual readings, try the link called ‘Mother Earth Prayers’, which leads you to the
Native Ten Commandments and a piece entitled Dance to Heal the Earth.”

Networking Indigenous Peoples


One of the Principle Maintainers of Native Web


Rediscovering What Has Always Been There

NetGuide Gold Site

Dear Web Site Developer:


NetGuide has selected your site as a Gold Site —
one of the best on the Web.

The Gold Award recognizes Web sites that meet our stringent criteria for overall excellence.

To learn more about NetGuide, visit us at:

Net Guide.

NetGuide has screened over 100,000 URLs and reviewed more than 50,000 sites
and our Gold Award goes to only 15,000 of the Web’s best sites.

Thanks for giving us a great site to review:

“The depth and breadth of Native American history
shines forth at Indigenous Peoples’ Literature. To
encompass a continent’s history and mythology–and
do it justice–is a daunting task, and the site sets an
admirable and impressive example. Features include
Native American art, biographical sketches of Great
Leaders, and a grand collection of stories and histories
from the indigenous nations. Related archives include a
thick file on the arrival of Columbus and the subsequent
genocide, and links to stories by and about the
indigenous peoples in Central and South America.”

CyberHound Review – 4 Star Review (****)

“This site is a treasure-trove of information for anyone interested in
Native American traditions, history, art, and literature. Links to original
full-text documents and image files are arranged by tribe as well as by
geographical region. Links to sites covering indigenous peoples around the
world are included.

This is an ambitious undertaking which seems to have succeeded
grandly, and would seem to be an essential resource for both
students and researchers. An exhaustive, well-structured treatment of a
topic of great contemporary interest.”

Point Survey


Your home page has been rated among the
top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Survey.

These Pages have been rated by Point Survey as part of the top 5% of all World
Wide Web sites. Point is the leading online provider of site ratings and reviews
on the World Wide Web. Point Survey ratings are provided to media around the world.

Content: 36
Presentation: 33
Experience: 33

Their ratings are on a scale from 1-50.

“Here’s a key info source on indigenous peoples the world over.
The Oneida Indian Nation of New York and the Sami of Scandinavia are both here.

This site offers a wonderful bookshelf of Native literature
(featuring poetry, prayers, and the Native American Ten Commandments).

Excellent info on a growing topic.”

Todd Whitney
Point Communications

Walking the World Wide Web

Ventana Publishers

Congratulations on your fine web site, Indigenous People’s Literature.

Ventana Communications Group, Inc. is planning to include a screen shot
from your web site in its upcoming book, Walking the World Wide Web,
Second Edition, a listings guide containing the finest and most
interesting sites currently on the Web:

“Lots of literature and art is available here for studying
the history and culture of native peoples. You’ll find stories,
fables, poetry, myths, and music offering a fascinating look into
native cultures. The collection reflects tribes from all over the
Americas. Take a look at Internet collections of Native American
art. Get another point of view of Columbus’s discovery of America.

Read great speeches from famous Native American leaders.
Access prayers to the Great Spirit and Mother Earth, and learn
about spiritual dances. Read famous documents in Native American history,
and find out about sacred geography, Thanksgiving, and the origin
of names of American states.

When you leave here, you can connect to Internet resources for other
native peoples in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific for further study.”

The entire book is also online at:

Walking the World Wide – 2nd Edition

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Shannon Turlington
Author: Walking the World Wide Web

Melanie Stepp
Contracts Administrator

McKinley’s Internet Yellow Pages

Dear Web Publisher:


Your site, Indigenous Peoples’ Literature, was chosen, because
of its top-quality content, as one of the Magellan Internet Directory’s featured
sites. Your site is highlighted in the WHAT’S HOT area of our home page.

This logo distinguishes your site from the rest, extends its reach,
and provides additional gateways of information for your visitors.

McKinley’s Internet Directory, Magellan, is an on-line directory of reviewed and
rated Internet resources. Magellan provides targeted, fast access to the best
resources on the Internet. Currently, there are approximately 1.5 million sites
in the database, 40 thousand of which are reviewed and rated.


and best wishes for continued success in all of your Internet endeavors!


Cindy Martin
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
The McKinley Group, Inc.
85 Liberty Ship Way #201
Sausalito, CA 94965

Global Network Navigator Review

An impressive archive of cultural material by the indigenous peoples
of the world, ranging from literature and music to prayers and history.
Viewers will find the complete texts of key documents like the Iroquois
constitution and the original Hiawatha. The portrait of Columbus and his
followers provides a marked contrast to Columbus Day celebrations.

Net Review

“The white people think we do not know [the land’s] value; but
we know that the land is everlasting, and the few goods we receive for it are
soon worn out and gone.” You’ll find this quote, along with other quotes,
stories, narratives, music and poetry by indigenous peoples worldwide, in
this fascinating electronic archive. Categories include famous quotes and
documents, the Columbus Quincentennial, great chiefs and leaders, writings
of native youth, the home pages of various nations and others. We
recommend the stories in particular, especially the large selection of animal
tales featuring bears, foxes, ravens and so on. Also notable are the Mother
Earth prayers, demonstrating the simplicity and beauty of the relationship that
native people experience with the planet.”

— Sarah M. Wenk

Mosaic’s What’s New Top 25
February 13, 1998

Best of the Net – Student Edition CD ROM

The Indigenous Peoples’ Literature Site is being considered for an Outstanding
Educational Site Award and inclusion in the next Best of the Net CD ROM.

The award, which recognizes excellence in World Wide Web publications, is
presented to sites which most successfully integrate educational content with
innovative uses of the World Wide Web to create challenging and fun learning
environments. The sites are selected by a team of professionals, headed by Dr.
Gerri Sinclair of Simon Fraser University, who specialize in developing and
evaluating innovative educational technologies.

Jude Kornelsen
Project Manager, Best of the ‘Net

CNN News

Oct. 16, 1998

‘World View – Mexico Rebels’


I’m N.S. Gill, Ancient History Guide for About.com.
This summer I’ve been working on pages on the world’s mythologies,
in connection with which I’ve added your site to my American mythology myths page.
Please take a look at your site listing and my site, in general.

I would like to hear any suggestions.

Thanks, N.S. Gill
About.com Guide to: Ancient/Classical History
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Educational Awards

All schools with an online connection in Denmark are now using these pages for reference,
as stated recently by the Danish Ministry of Education and Culture.
Thanks to Nicklos Lisberg for translating this entire site into Danish.
(Ranked No. 41 in Denmark’s Top 100 Web Sites)

Golden Web Awards

Chosen for the 1999-2000 Golden Web Award from
The International Association of Web-Masters And Designers.

Literature Awards

Your site is one of 20 that has been awarded “Best of January”
and has been reviewed by Education World ™ Search Engine.

It has received an “A+” Rating.
Educational Review
On behalf of all net-surfing educators,
we thank you for your contribution in making
the web valuable for the education community.

Keep up the good work! : )

Again, congratulations.


Patricia Carnabuci
Webmaster, General Manager
Education World (R)

Dear Webmaster:

Congratulations! Your Web site has received the Web Feet Seal of Approval
and will appear in Web Feet: The Internet Traveler’s Desk Reference.

Web Feet is the premier subject guide to the best Web sites for students, researchers,
and the general public and is the first comprehensive Web guide that is interactive
and updated monthly. Web Feet is expanding at a rate of 100 sites a month
and is revised and updated on an ongoing basis.

A site is included in Web Feet only if our researchers think it is an outstanding site
in its subject area. The Web Feet Seal of Approval tells teachers, librarians, parents, and
students that your site is especially valuable for research, teaching, or general interest.

For more information, please visit:


Please call me at 1-888-ROCKHILL if you have any questions.


Catherine Barr

Terrain: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments

“Dr. Glenn Welker is an author, researcher,
and Website editor in the field of indigenous American studies.
His White Star Eagle and Indigenous Peoples Literature
Websites promote indigenous artwork,
literature, and culture, containing a wide array of resources.”

Referenced by:
Terrain: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments

Bev Moreno’s El camino diferente…

“The webmaster, Dr. Glenn Welker, is a noted author, researcher and computer programming authority in the field of American Indian and Canadian Indian studies.

Dr. Glenn Welker’s ‘Platinum Mine’ of Bookmarks.

This noted and incredibly talented professor and webmaster offers his endless list of bookmarked links. You can click on anything here from American/Canadian and Latin American Indian languages, history and cultures to an abundance of information about computing information, the internet, and web development.

Be very patient; the list is very long, however,
it IS in alphabetical order and easy to navigate.

Highly recommended!”

Bev Moreno

Educational Resources

Native American Women’s Health
Education Resource Center

Dear Mr. Welker,

I want to thank you for your help with our research project.
I am the Media Specialist at South Point High School in South Point, Ohio.
I am helping a young man, Patrick, with his research project.
He is very interested in Sequoyah and the Cherokee Nation.
Patrick comes from a home with a very poor financial situation and does
not have much. He is very bright and of above average intelligence.

He finds this means of research very intriguing and fascinating.
He will be THRILLED when I tell him I have received an answer from you.
He comes in between every period change to ask me.

Thank you so very much. You have made a young man very happy.

Peggy Byard and Patrick

Patti Weeg’s Global Classroom

Dear Glenn,

I am grateful to *you* for what you have made available for all of us.

You would not believe how many people are searching for Native American
topics. Many, many of my hits are coming from your site.

Thank you so much.

Patti Weeg


Congratulations on a fine Web site!

I teach history at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.
Using Internet and other resources, I am developing floppy-disk electronic
“workbooks” for my students on various historical topics.

I would like to incorporate your online document on Emiliano Zapata into
a disk-based workbook for my survey course on modern Latin America. I will
distribute the workbook to students for free.

Thus students will have a ready source of good material to read. Thank you,

Richard W. Slatta

Mr. Welker,

I would like to let you know that I was pleased to find your site on
the Internet. I teach at a non-profit private school for students with
learning disabilities. I have been teaching my 7th graders about Texas
Indian culture, and it is unfortunate that there is not much material
available for them. Two of the five sites I found on the Internet were yours.

Thank you so much for your time and trouble. I just wanted you to know
that the information that you have provided is going to have some good use.


Donna N. Dunbar

Mr. Welker

Thank you for creating this terrific series of websites.

I stayed up late last night reading and reading and reading.

I have volunteered to tell stories to a group of 4 and 5 year olds
at the elementary school my son attends. The children are not accustomed
to listening to stories. They expect a book with a lot of colorful pictures.

I would like to introduce them to Native American tales so they can
learn to “see” the pictures words can paint.

Lucy Escue

The Native American

Bedtime-Story Collection

Dear Glenn,

Bedtime Story, the web’s premiere children’s story site, is thrilled to
have discovered the exceptional resource you have created at your site.

Your remarkable ability to clearly relate Native American legends in
contemporary language is especially valuable to both parents as well as
educators, who wish to convey the history of an important people to today’s children.

We found the stories fascinating and easy to follow.
Our congratulations on a job well done.

We hope to have the opportunity to direct others to the wealth of
information you have so painstakingly compiled on your site.


C.K. Gurin

About the Contributor – A Senior Systems Engineer with a sixteen year background in computers, Glenn Welker has also enjoyed a thirty year love of Music, particularly ethnomusicology, the music of many cultures.

As student majoring in Music/Library Science at Austin Peay State University/The University of Nebraska, Glenn put his Library training to work, compiling contemporary
(and highly readable versions) of Native American literature.

His work permits today’s young readers to enjoy the wisdom and humor woven into ancient stories, which might otherwise have been lost to them. A full-time employee of a Maryland software engineering company, Glenn maintains the web site for the American Indian Heritage Foundation, where a wealth of historical information may also be found.

Particularly notable in his collection are written portraits of Native American Chiefs such as the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota
(Sioux) nations, providing intimate glimpses into the lives and characters of these complex and fascinating individuals.

Of Chief Crazy Horse, we find the comment:

“…it is only fair to judge a man by the estimate of his own people, rather than that of his enemies.”

You may write to Glenn at:


Classroom Connect Inc.

Dear Glenn Welker,

I am the editor for a small publishing company specializing in K-12 curriculum material designed to help teachers integrate the Internet into their classrooms. Our goal is to show teachers how easily they can access the abundance of terrific educational material on the Internet and to help them discover how the Internet can make learning exciting, hands-on, and student-centered.

We write lesson plans, activity sheets and Internet integration ideas for the sites we especially like. Teachers are able to make as many copies of our curriculum materials as they need to use with students. A companion CD including a selection of outstanding Web sites is also included. This CD is helpful for teachers who have no, limited, or slow access to the Internet. Teachers use the CD in the classroom to allow students access to Internet resources they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. The CD is also used by teachers to write their own curriculum materials.

I’ve visited the Indigenous Peoples’ Literature site and I think it’s excellent. I think teachers and students would also appreciate it. We’d like your permission to put this site on the teacher’s companion CD.

Thank you for your consideration.


Marianne Clay
Education Editor

Phone: 717-393-1000 ext. 271
Fax: 717-393-5752

Additional Classroom Info

Classroom Connect Inc.

Dear Webmaster,

I am writing on behalf of Discovery Communications, Inc., parent company
of Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel. In the summer of 1995,
Discovery launched Discovery Channel Online, a World Wide Web site that
extends the real world entertainment of its cable programming to

We actively seek links to high-quality sites like yours that feature
content related to subjects on our site. We would like to link to your
site through Connections Sunday–related to James Burke’s program
“Connections.” As part of Connections Sunday, we have created a contest
called “Webweaving” in which we provide clues for users to make the “connection.”

Your page contains material relevant to the connection, and we plan to
link to your site throughout the second month (December) of our contest.
The contest will then be archived for a year.

The page we are linking to is located at: The Gift of Corn.

There is the potential for hundreds of users to attempt to access your
site through these links. Please let us know at your soonest convenience
whether this extra traffic will present any technical problems for your server.

We will continue to point Discovery users to your site for one year.

Also, should the URL for this page change, would you please contact:

Jude Doherty.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


Elizabeth Cleary
Discovery Channel Online Consultant

This site was awarded a by the Los Angeles Times on Oct. 11, 1998.

“For some very Columbus-contrarian views,
check the Indigenous Peoples’ Literature page.”

Culture Choice Award Winner

Dear Webmaster:


Congratulations on having been selected as a Culture Choice site by:

The Web of Culture

This designation cites you as an online resource providing valuable
cross-cultural information to the Internet community. The World Wide
Web is truly the global marketplace for educating our neighbors on the
diversity of ethnic populations everywhere.

Congratulations again on your designation as a CULTURE CHOICE!
We wish you continued success in all your Internet and cultural endeavors!

Dear Webmaster,

I am writing on behalf of Intelligent Agent, a newsletter
on the use of interactive media and technology in the arts and education.

A short review on your site is included on page 144 of our March 1998
edition. Your library makes for terrific reading.


Christiane Paul
Editor, Intelligent Agent
Hyperactive Corp.
P.O. Box 661
Prince St. Station
New York, NY 10012

Phone: (212) 462 9033

“This impressive literature section, an e-text archive developed by
Glenn Welker, is an inclusive library. The archive contains stories and
legends, prayers and music, as well as famous quotes and information on
great chiefs and leaders. Readers will also find “Fables of the Mayas”
and material on indigenous peoples of Mexico. The stories, fables and
legends are catalogued by categories such as creation/migration stories:

e.g., coyote, deer, and eagle.

The e-texts can also be browsed by name, date, and type.”

The Four Directions Project

Dear Mr. Welker:

My name is Bob Isaacson and am a graduate research assistant at the University of Kansas. I am working on a project called “4 Directions” which is a Challange Grant project. The goal is to provide Internet technology to various BIA schools throughout North America,

Microsoft, along with Intel, have graciously donated NT servers for this project. Unfortunately, many of the schools are located on remote reservations and lack adequate phone connections to the Internet.

This is where your site will become invaluable, by downloading (mirroring) your pages at our schools, we can create an Intranet based upon your wonderful materials.

This is one of the finest collections that I have seen on the web and I know that it will be of great value to our teachers and students.

Thank you very much.

Bob Isaacson

The Four Directions Project

“The Four Dircetions Project has the potential to transform teaching and learning in schools funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and those public schools educating American Indian children.

Significant learning will occur when technology, Indian culture,
language and subject matter is integrated holistically.”

Gilbert Sanchez, Pueblo of Laguna
Lead Local Educational Agent for the project

American Cybercasting

Attn: Kellie Hawkins

I am writing to request mirroring your site on our K-12 educational program.

Let me introduce myself. I am the Curriculum Coordinator for American
Cybercasting, a K-12 educational tool that allows students to research our
publications, academic source materials, and selected excellent internet sites.
What we will do, with your permission, is make it easier for our students to
access your information.

K-12 students have precious little computer time in an academic situation.
Consequently, they have little time to spool the internet in search of good
materials, and much time is lost when students get sidetracked along the way.
Thus, really fine information is lost to students because many school
administrators are reluctant to allow such browsing. Mirroring your site can
assure our teachers that students will quickly get to your material, and that
the material is of excellent quality.

Our program will be in schools this fall, so I am hoping to hear from your soon.
We will credit your site and can later this year send you stats on # of hits on
your site.


Elizabeth A. Donnelly
American Cybercasting
30680 Bainbridge Rd #100A
Solon, OH 44139

Best of the Net – Student Edition CD ROM

The Indigenous Peoples’ Literature Site is being considered for an Outstanding
Educational Site Award and inclusion in the next Best of the Net CD ROM.

The award, which recognizes excellence in World Wide Web publications, is
presented to sites which most successfully integrate educational content with
innovative uses of the World Wide Web to create challenging and fun learning
environments. The sites are selected by a team of professionals, headed by Dr.
Gerri Sinclair of Simon Fraser University, who specialize in developing and
evaluating innovative educational technologies.

Jude Kornelsen
Project Manager, Best of the ‘Net

2 Hot 2 Handle

Dear Indigenous Peoples’ Literature,


The CyberMom Dot Com has deemed your site worthy of our:

2 Hot 2 Handle Site of the Day medal!

You were linked from our 2 Hot 2 Handle page on August 27, 1998.
The 2 Hot 2 Handle Sites are archived monthly at The CyberMom Dot Com.

Earning this designation is quite a distinction. We look for web sites that are
likely to be appreciated by our CyberMoms: sites that generally seek to
delight, inform or amuse by exhibiting excellence in graphics, content, or both.
Of course it helps if there’s something of special interest to a mom with a modem too!

Congratulations again for your terrific site … and one that CyberMoms can enjoy!


Francine E.C. Shannon
The CyberMom Dot Com

American Indian Heritage Foundation

I am with the American Indian Heritage Foundation, where I serve as Curator of
Artists for American Indians. We are building a virtual museum and your
terrific compilations are being formated into a nice thought-environment
for our visitors.

Take a look at my intro page at:

Indigenous People’s Literature

to get an idea.

Burt Reynolds, who is part Cherokee

(Click to hear Burt)

has agreed to do a dramatic reading of some important quotes, and I would like to include many more, displayed
alongside a selection of works by American Indian and Southwestern artists.

Thank you.

John Simmons
Artists for American Indians

Dear Mr. Welker,

Webivore Knowledge Systems values your web site(s) and has included it in our collection of educational web pages.

This collection is an index of the best web sites found and reviewed by our content experts and editors to help students and educators find accurate and useful information on the web.

A short review of your web site has been written by our Content Experts and organized in subcategories of subject areas for users to choose from and explore. The bibliographic information listed above was culled from your web site.

To see the review of your site, go to http://www.webivore.com and search by subject area through Classroom Webivore (elementary, middle school, high school versions). Once at the Classroom Webivore homepage, view the demo or sign up for a 14-day free trial. While you are there, please check out the full functions of Classroom Webivore and College Webivore – Search and Collect. Send us your comments or tell us about other sites of interest that should be included.

Affix it to your web site so others will know that we value your work!

Thank you for your time and input and your web site!

Amara Cohen
Webivore Knowledge Systems, LLC

Classroom Webivore
Webivore Knowledge Systems

Dear Dr. Welker,

I am writing to obtain permission to cache your web page titled
“Tsalagi (Cherokee) Literature” for our multimedia American Literature 2 course.

Thank you for your attention to this request. This web page will be an informative addition to our course. Call me if you need more information. Please leave this letter attached to your reply for record-keeping reasons.

Our program is not classroom based, but instead serves individual learners at a distance. CLASS ñ Communications, Learning and Assessment in a Student-centered System ñ is part of the University of Nebraska, Division of Continuing Studies. We operate in a password protected, electronic environment. We are nonprofit, self-supporting unit offering quality educational services at the lowest possible cost for high school and college students.

The life of a course is not determined by an academic semester or year, rather, we enroll students any time and give them one year from date of enrollment to complete the course. We anticipate enrolling up to 100 students per year for the life of the course, approximately 5-8 years. Teachers will also have access to the courses for purposes of curriculum evaluation and grading.

Thank you very much. Please call me if you have any questions about our program or
how we develop and use our course materials. I look forward to hear from you.

Stephanie Lofton
University of Nebraska
Distance Education Department
Phone: 402/472-1947
Fax: 402/472-1941

Additional Awards

Poetry Award


Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.

This is Glenn Welker’s wide-ranging website on “Indigenous Peoples’ Literature”; it focuses specifically on
creation/origin/migration narratives from North and Meso America. Welker has close to 60 rich, profound, troubling, beautiful, sometimes violent, always thought-provoking sacred stories here.

Creation Myths & Sacred Narratives of Creation

Key Resource

How your page was selected

Each quarter, Links2Go samples millions of web pages to determine which pages are most heavily cited by web pages authors, such as yourself. The most popular pages are downloaded and automatically categorized by topic. At most 50 of the pages related to a topic are selected as “Key Resources.” Out of 50 pages selected as Key Resources for the Natives topic, your page ranked 36th. For topics like Music, where there are a large number of interested authors and related pages, it is harder to achieve selection as a Key Resource than for a special-interest topic, such as Quantum Physics.

The Links2Go Key Resource award differs from other awards in two important ways. First, it is objective. Most awards rely on hand selection by one or more “experts,” many of whom have only looked at tens or hundreds of thousands of pages in bestowing their awards. Selection for these awards means no more than that one person, somewhere, noticed your page and liked it enough to select it. The Key Resource award, on the other hand, is based on an analysis of millions of web pages. Any group or organization who conducts a similar analysis will arrive at similar conclusions. When Links2Go says your page is a Key Resource, we mean that your page is one of the most relevant pages related to a particular topic on the web today, using an objective statistical measure applied to an extremely large data set.

Second, the Key Resource award is exclusive. We get literally hundreds of people requesting that their page be added to one or more topics per week. All of these requests are denied. The only way to get listed as a Key Resource is to achieve enough popularity for our analysis to select your pages automatically. We do not accept fees, offers of link exchanges, free advertising, or bartered livestock as inducements to add new sites to our lists. Fewer than one page in one thousand will ever be selected as a Key Resource.

Once again,
congratulations on your award!
Links2Go Awards

Blue Thumbs Award
Blue Thumbs Award

Dear Glenn Welker,

Congratulations on being a featured site
in this week’s article at Travel Notes.

Travel Notes is a Guide to Travel on the WWW.
We do the searching for our readers, and those new
to the Internet to save them time!

As the Managing Editor at Travel Notes,
I have recommended that our readers
visit your excellent Web Site;
feel free to read the article:

Travel Notes - Columbus Day
Discovery of America?

Best wishes to you and your site.
I know the effort, time and dedication
it takes to be among the best.

All the best,

Michel Guntern
Managing Editor
Travel Notes

Hi there!

For Outstanding Work and Awesome Contribution in the categories of
History, Culture, Native and Ancient Studies, Literature, Music and Art

In recognition of your outstanding work in presenting the Indigenous Peoples’ Literature Website, and your awesome contribution to the World Wide Web in the categories of history, culture, native and ancient studies, literature, music and art, Eliki is pleased to honor you with the Eliki Award.

Lords of the Perfect Black

Hotep (peace),


Your site has been chosen by Lords of the Perfect Black
as one of Chocolate City’s Best Site Award winners!

Your internet site appears on our Chocolate City home page.

Swiss Chronicles (in French)


I write chronicles for a Swiss magazine about the Internet called
“Slash”. I am currently writing a chronicle about your site and I’m
asking you if I may make a screen capture of your site, to be
published in “Slash”.

Olivier Glassey

“This site has been designed to bring all information about the natives of North America. It contains information about Apache, Cheyenne, Comanche, Iroquois, Wichitas, etc.). It was so successful that sections have been added for other the indigenous peoples of the five continents (descendants of Mayas and the Incas in South America, Maoris in New Zealand, Aborines of Australia, etc.). This server contains extraordinary information about indigenous languages, traditions, myths and chiefs
(Geronimo, Cochise, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, etc.). “


“Ce site a été conçu pour regrouper toutes
les informations concernant les indigènes du contient nord-américain
(Apaches, Cheyennes, Comanches, Iroquois, Wichitas, etc.). Il a connu un
tel succès que des sections ont été ajoutées
pour d’autres peuples indigènes des 5 continents (descendants des
Mayas et des Incas en Amérique Latine, Maoris en Nouvelle-Zélande,
Aborigènes en Australie, etc.). Ce serveur contient une quantité
extraordinaire d’informations sur les langues indigènes, les traditions,
les mythes et les grands chefs
(Geronimo, Cochise, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, etc.).”

German Review

Native literature and famous writings

“This compilation by Glenn Welker’s electronic text collection is an excellent, comprehensive compilation of over 800 complete texts on the following topics: Columbus-1492, famous documents and quotes, great chiefs and group leaders, texts about different nations, “Mother Earth Prayers”, music, poetry, narrations and Native literature and well-known writers. “

Native Literatur und bekannter Schriftseller

“Die von Glenn Welker zusammengestellte elektronische Textsammlung
ist eine hervorragende, umfassende Zusammenstellung von ueber 800 vollstaendigen
Texten zu den folgenden Themen: Kolumbus-1492, beruehmte Dokumente und Zitate,
grosse Haeuptlinge und Anfuehrer, Texte zu den verschiedenen Nationen,
“Mother Earth Prayers”, Musik, Dichtung, Erzaehlungen sowie Texte
nuer Native Literatur und bekannter Schriftsteller.”

Shendene (Ulysse) – Italy

Dear Sir:

Shendene is an Italian publishing company which operates in
the field of electronic publishing. At the moment we are issuing a new
CD-ROM which aims to provide the public with a better and more thorough
understanding of what is currently available on the Internet.

On the basis of research carried out on our behalf as to the
potential “universal target” of Internet, we realized that this new medium
is still used by very few people: even fewer are those who are actually
able to surf for specific goals or sites or with a clear knowledge of the
Net’s full potential. Moreover, it must be added that navigating often
can prove difficult because of other well known factors such as slowness
in data transfer.

Our aim is to list by topic the BEST SITES CURRENTLY FOUND ON THE NET.

Le popolazioni “native messicane

Each month we will reproduce IN FULL the top 100 sites for the
monthly topic, clearly indicating with special graphics those which are
most highly rated.

The main objective of our new publication is to provide an innovative
tool aimed at promoting the Internet and, in particular, the best sites
to be found. It mainly targets those who still have not started surfing
the Web or the first-timers (“newbies”) who still find browsing difficult
and confusing.

This July’s issue is on the theme of “MEXICO”. We would be delighted
if we could include your own excellent site, in its latest update of June 15th.

Best regards,

Gianni Manfredini


Ulysse – Messico

Witness to the Future

Witness to the Future

Dear Friend,

I am writing to tell you that your Web site has been linked to the
environmental activist CD-ROM Witness to the Future.

Witness to the Future, to be released in early March by the leading
multimedia publisher The Voyager Company, includes a documentary on the
transformation of citizens into environmental activists, in addition to the
first electronic publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and over 500
content-based links to the World Wide Web.

We did an in-depth search to find Web sites like yours that
contribute valuable information about issues concerning the environment.
Since Witness to the Future enables the user to access related Internet sites
right from the disc, we provide an update function designed to keep the links current.

We hope you will find that our project complements your own efforts.

Please visit our Web site:

Witness to the Future

to learn more about Witness to the Future and publicize your
own activities with our “Add Your Own Voice” form.


“I think the hardest thing, I think for our people to really face is what
this is doing to Mother Earth. What it is doing to the land, because she’s a
living person.”

Pauline Echo-Hawk


Tribe Parker, WA

“You can imagine before the landing of Columbus, there was Nirvana
here. There was a time when all air was clean, all waters were clean.
The future will see that the integral damage to the environment which
has been done here to our forests, to our range, is going to be an
everlasting damage upon all of society, all of the world. . .”

“What affects you affects me.”

Russell Jim

Yakama Indian Nation

Toppenish, WA

By connecting ourselves globally across the Internet we can unite to
encourage dialog and to inform citizens of the many issues that face us
all. Join us in a chorus of voices calling for environmental change!


Brenda Miller

Author, Witness to the Future

Professor of Electronic Arts
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, New York

Alternative Healing Methods

Hi, my name is Phyl Desy, and I am the Guide for the

“Alternative Healing Methods” site on the Mining Company.

The Mining Company is a brand new resource on the web dedicated
to making the best and most informative web sites easily accessible to
everyone. We offer weekly features with our own personal touch. Each guide
offers her/his Net Finds of the week, The Best of the Web, and an evergrowing
Resource Page.

I am pleased to inform you that I have linked your web site to my
Healing site! I feel your site deserves recognition for your excellent work.

Please drop in and visit from time to time!

Good Health,


Healing Guide

The Spiritual Internet

Dear Mr. Welker:

We are planning to include a ‘screen-shot’ of the WWW site:

Indigenous People’s Literature

to be included in our upcoming publication: “The Spiritual Internet“.

The ‘screen-shot’ will include all of the text and graphics of the
entire page of the website listed above, or a portion thereof.

Thank you for your fine efforts.

Sincerely yours,

Nickolas Grabovac

Jain Publishing Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 3523
Fremont, CA 94539
Tel: 510-659-8272
Fax: 510-659-0501

Publication Date for The Spiritual Internet: August 1998

Bluecat Award


Bluecat has selected your site for the Bluecat Award

as one of the finest sites on the Web.

To learn more about Bluecat, visit us at:

The Bluecat Site

Contact: Jerry

Stopped by your site —

Terrific pages. Charming and delightful all around.
An eyeful for anyone stopping by. Great Design.
Great contribution to the World Wide Web.

I am much impressed. I am awarding your site the Buzz Award.

Buzz Award

My good fortune to find you.
Ernest Slyman

The Dr. Quinn Web Ring
is owned by Becky H



Resume / Vitae

Glenn H. Welker

A condensed version of this document can be found online at:


Main Home Page


Feb. 1992 – Present

GHW Consultants

Currently I am working as a Web Master/Consultant.
I maintain these awardwinning Internet sites:

Indigenous Peoples’ Literature
Indigenous Peoples of Mexico
Midwest Consortium for Latino Research (MCLR)

Chiapas Menu

NMAI (National Museum for the American Indian)

Database Specialist 12/2009—Present
Currently working on creating and maintaining several spreadsheets and databases
relating to Native American Tribes throughout the Americas
Work extensively in the Resource Center and front desk enhancing the knowledge
of museum users concerning Indigenous Peoples

Montgomery County Government
Database Specialist 11/2008—12/2009
Worked on creating and maintaining several spreadsheets and databases
relating to local businesses, faith-based organizations, etc

Obama for America
Data / Phone Bank Coordinator 8/2008—11/2008
Supervised Internet / Web login and user interface Coordinated computer (Mac / PC / laptop) operations
Oversaw data integrity of campaign database Helped in the grassroots cover campaign for
electing Barack Obama for President.Trouble-shooted all computers when they were down.

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)
Web Content Editor / Web Developer 3/2008—8/2008

Provided web publishing support
Converted old web page formats to new design
Updated their award-winning magazine “HR Magazine” for publication
Involved proofreading web content and external links
Oversaw the editing of newsletters and other company documents
Maintained graphics and other Internet resources
Provided guidance and suggestions regarding placement of content on main web site

March 2002– August 2007

APS Healthcare, Rockville, MD

Five years of credentialing experience working in corporate and healthcare office environments

Expertise in coordinating provider applications and the re-credentialing process

Solid knowledge of NCQA and DHS credentialing standards.

Proven ability to work independently and efficiently with superior results.


Credentialing Specialist

Reviewed provider files for appropriate documentation required for the credentialing process

Prepared files for audits and maintain electronic data input activities

Coordinated credentialing and re-credentialing applications and conducted document research

Collected and maintained files in relation to credentialing of network providers,
including application, contracts, current physician licenses, DEA licenses, malpractice insurance, board
certifications and other pertinent forms

Prepared documents for Credentialing Committee review

Forwarded applications to providers and ensured accuracy and completeness of information

Interface between providers and hospital staffs to collect required information

Performed credential verification and request information from appropriate data banks, using the Internet

Submitted applications to manager, director and Credentialing Committee for review

Implemented and monitored procedures and activities related to credentialing and re-credentialing of network providers

Communicated with providers and field associates regarding credentialing status and information

Assembled and prepared credentialing information for appropriate committees

Received Managed Care and PPO provider applications and re-credentialing applications

Maintained and updated database to track applications and the credentialing process

Provided administrative support such as generating and distributing mailings & reports

Designed Internet web page to assist all of the above

May 2001 – Feb. 2002:

Independent Consultant

April 2000 – April 2001:

As an independent consultant I worked for Option Wealth and TechUSA, as a Web Publisher/Developer, designing and maintaining their numerous web pages. This involved using the latest web tools (HomeSite, DreamWeaver 3, Flash 3, Fireworks 3, and PhotoShop 5.5) to create and maintain this outstanding stock options site.

August 1998 – April 2000:

Programmed for MCI and Metamor as an Web Producer, designing and maintaining the OOE (Orders Online Entry) system. This involved using Oracle 8.0 to link the datbases and documentation with the HTML code. Last year I worked on the rebranding of all home pages for www.mci.com, when MCI merged with WorldCom. This effort involved editing and redesigning several thousand home pages.

June – August 1998:

Helped to maintain an IBM System 36 system for the Department of Justice
in Silver Spring, MD, at a branch of CACI contractors.
Involved overseeing computer operations for the Debt Collection branch
of DOJ (student/HUD loan defaults).

April – May 1998:

Served as a Help Desk consultant for
a telecommunications consulting firm.
Also required setting up PCs and installing Windows NT software.

March 1998:

Independent contractor (Lead Web Programmer),
working for ARC (Alternative Resources Corporation),
on a EDI project at Digital Commerce
in Reston, Virginia.

Responsiblities included:

Heading up a team of nine entry-level HTML programmers who manage DoD clients’
home page templates for their products to be sold on the Internet. This involved Client Site Reviews for determining
correct fonts, colors, text size, etc.

Technologies used included
Cold Fusion, Front Page 97/98, and Windows NT.

May 1997 – Feb. 1998:

DCC (Dynamic Computer Concepts, Inc.)

Web Master for DCC.
At the same time I provided technical support for the Financial
Department of FAA Headquarters in Washington, DC. As a contractor at FAA
I was a Senior Systems Engineer, working on Novell, Windows NT
networks, Web Page Database Design using Cold Fusion,
as well as mainframe interfacing.

February 1987 – April 1998:

L.M.I. and Computer Institute/Hightech & Automation

Provided software training & implementation, documentation,
program maintenance/modification, network installations, and DLA
(Defense Dept.) database designing.

Extensive work in the area of Home Page design:
worked on LMI’s intranet web site.

Assigned to the LMI’s Transportation group where I provided computer support to DoD clients.
Also worked on the Modernization of Defense Logistics Standard Systems (MODELS) functional task,
designed to improve inter-Service
and agency logistics communications.

March, 1985 to February, 1987


Senior Computer Programmer/Analyst

Worked with Dept. of Defense and U.S. Navy in the design and analysis of on-line databases.
Also did file-conversions and testing of new database systems. Mainframe programmer in RPGII and COBOL.

August 1984 to March, 1985


Responsible for the design and implementation of software enhancements,
accounting interfaces, Lotus spreadsheets,
and DP manager for club membership.

October 1983 to August 1984


Designed new accounting applications for stock market
interfacing and oversaw daily operations and backups on IBM System 34/36.

March 1975-April 1979

U.S. Air Force Band


Where superior skills in music autography/copying, research, compiling,
and editing contributed to the meeting of technical/archival needs.


Twenty-five years of experience in the computer industry
with a background in applications programming/information technology.

Areas of experience include documentation, local area networks, release installation, software conversions,
user interface, program testing, problem determination, office automation, system configuration,
hardware integration, software integration, package installation, database design, software
evaluation, on line systems, user training, telecommunications,
micro/main connectivity, system hook up and program maintenance.

Application areas include graphics, billing, inventory/distribution, accounting, government
MIS, business MIS, Personnel/payroll, health care, membership/mailing and banking.


13.0 yrs. Macintosh Family
12.0 yrs. IBM PCs
4.0 yrs. IBM System 32/34
4.0 yrs. Novell Networks
3.0 yrs. IBM System 36
2.0 yrs. MVS
2.0 yrs. SSP
2.0 yrs. IBM 4381
2.0 yrs. Wang VS 100
2.0 yrs. VM/SP


Software Skills

5.0 yrs. HTML Language
(Home Page Design)
1.0 yr. CGI/PERL/JAVA/Cold Fusion

11.0 yrs. MS DOS/Windows
10.0 yrs. Lotus 123
10.0 yrs. WordPerfect
10.0 yrs. dBASE III/IV
10.0 yrs. FoxPro
10.0 yrs. HyperCard
10.0 yrs. MacPaint
9.0 yrs. MacWrite
7.0 yrs. Novell Netware
6.0 yrs. PageMaker
5.0 yrs. Ventura Publisher
5.0 yrs. MacDraw
5.0 yrs. Paradox (DOS & Windows)
4.0 yrs. Netscape/Mosaic
3.0 yrs. COBOL
3.0 yrs. Model 204
3.0 yrs. RPG II
2.0 yrs. VSAM
2.0 yrs. WSU
2.0 yrs. SDA
2.0 yrs. DFU
2.0 yrs. BASIC
2.0 yrs. TIF
2.0 yrs. OCL
2.0 yrs. CMS

PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: US Citizen. Concise communication and presentation ability.
Strong analytical and logical problem solving capabilities. Effective in interpreting user requirements.
Creative in designing comprehensive and informative presentations and documentation.
Highly organized and capable of coordinating a wide range of projects. Enjoys very detailed work.
Uses artistic approach to working with computers.

Articles Written:

Networking Indigenous Peoples

Rediscovering What Has Always Been There


1981, 1983

Yorktowne Business Institute/Wang Laboratories

Computer Programming Certificates


Austin Peay State University

University of Nebraska Marching Band

Music/Library Science



Ref eren ces

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