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Un guerrero de la mujer recuerda el nacimiento de un movimiento (indio10a.htm)
Las Mujeres Indígenas Están siendo marginadas (menchu7a.htm)
Rediscovering What Has Always Been There (under.htm)
Millenniums and other Beginnings (indios7.htm)
(Barbed) Wired for Controversy (indios8.htm)
Defying the Census (indios9.htm)
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The Girl Who Searched for Her Lover (girlwhom.htm)
The Origin of the Winds (winds.htm)
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The White Faced Bear (whitefac.htm)
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Cochise (cochise.htm)
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Apache Fox Stories (apachfox.htm)
An Apache Medicine Dance (medidanc.htm)
Origin of Fire (origfire.htm)
Origin of the Animals (origanim.htm)
Arapaho Literature (arapaho.htm)
The Girl Who Climbed to the Sky (heron.htm)
How Medicine Man Resurrected Buffalo (medibuff.htm)
Nihancan and the Dwarf’s Arrow (nihancan.htm)
Arikara Literature (arikara.htm)
An Address to Mother Corn (address.htm)
How Antelope Carrier Saved the Thunderbirds and Became the Chief of the Winged Creatures (antelope.htm)
How Corn Came to the Earth (motherco.htm)
Ashochimi Literature (ashochim.htm)
The Legend of the Geysers (geysers.htm)
Athapaskan Nations (athabasc.htm)
Blackfoot/Piegan Literature (blacfeet.htm)
Deeds and Prophecies of Old Man (thedeeds.htm)
Heavy Collar and the Ghost Woman (halfdome.htm)
Origin of the Sweat Lodge (sweatlod.htm)
Water Spirit’s Gift of Horses (gifthors.htm)
The Wise Man of Chief Mountain (chiefwis.htm)
Caddo Literature (caddo.htm)
Why Dogs Have Long Tongues (whydogs.htm)
Chelan Literature (chelan.htm)
Creation of the First Indians (firstind.htm)
Chinook Literature Menu (chinook.htm)
Dene Suline/Soline (Chipewyan) Literature (chipewyn.htm)
Choctaw Literature (choctaw.htm)
Chumash Literature (chumash.htm)
Cochiti Literature (cochiti.htm)
Crow and Hawk (crowhawk.htm)
Comanche Literature (comanche.htm)
Commanche Creation Story (commcrea.htm)
Quanah Parker (qparker.htm)
Cree Literature (cree.htm)
Why the Weasel Is Nervous (weasal.htm)
Muskokee (Creek) Literature (creek.htm)
How Day and Night Were Divided (howday.htm)
How Rabbit Brought Fire to the People (howrabbi.htm)
How Rabbit Fooled Alligator (rabbfool.htm)
The Story of the Bat (bat.htm)
The Walnut Cracker (walnutcr.htm)
Lenape (Delaware) Literature (delaware.htm)
Dieguenos Literature (diguenos.htm)
Fiesta Tu-Chai-Pai (fiestaut.htm)
The Fly at the Council (theflyat.htm)
The Impiety of Frog (thempie.htm)
The Story of Creation (thestory.htm)
Flathead/Salish Literature (flathead.htm)
Creation of the Red and White Races (redwhite.htm)
Godasiyo the Woman Chief (godasiyo.htm)
Hidatsa Literature (hidatsa.htm)
The Corn Ceremony (corncere.htm)
The Sun Dance (sundance.htm)
Hopi Literature Menu (hopi.htm)
First Journey Through Grand Canyon (firstjou.htm)
How the Great Chiefs Made the Moon and the Sun (howthegr.htm)
How the Hopi Indians Reached Their World (howtheho.htm)
Origin of the Clans (theclans.htm)
The Rooster, the Mockingbird and the Maiden (rooster.htm)
The Wind God (windgod.htm)
Illini Literature (illini.htm)
Legend of the Piasa (piasa.htm)
Inuit Literature (inuit.htm)
Raven’s Great Adventure (ravenadv.htm)
Baxoje Ukiche (Ioway Nation) Literature (ioway.htm)
Legend of the White Plume (whiteplu.htm)
Iroquois Literature (iroquois.htm)
Iroquois Constitution (iroqcon.htm)
Iroquois Oral Traditions (iroqoral.htm)
De-Ka-Nah-Wi-Da and Hiawatha (hiawatha.htm)
Battle With the Snakes (battles.htm)
The Boy Who Lived With the Bears (lived.htm)
Chipmunk and Bear (chipmunk.htm)
The Dogs Who Saved their Master (dogssave.htm)
Four Iroquois Hunters (hunters.htm)
The Gifts of the Little Peopleo (littlepe.htm)
The Girl Who Was not Satisfied with Simple things (thegirl.htm)
Hodadenon: The Last One Left and the Chestnut Tree (hodadeno.htm)
How Bear Lost His Tail (beartail.htm)
How Buzzard Got His Feathers (buzzard.htm)
How Fire Came to the Six Nations (fire6nat.htm)
The Hungry Fox and the Boastful Suitor (hungryfx.htm)
The Hunting of the Great Bear (hunting.htm)
The Origin of the Iroquois Nations (iroqnati.htm)
Rabbit and Fox (rabbfox.htm)
Raccoon and the Crayfish (racccray.htm)
Skunny-Wundy and the Stone Giant (stonecoa.htm)
The Story of Okteondon or the Workers of Evil (okteondo.htm)
Three Brothers Who Followed the Sun (threebro.htm)
Turtle Makes War on Men (turtlwar.htm)
Turtle’s Race With Bear (turtbear.htm)
The Two Daughters (daughter.htm)
The Wampum Bird (wampum.htm)
The Wife of the Thunderer (thunder1.htm)
Seneca Literature (seneca.htm)
Godasiyo the Woman Chief (girlwhos.htm)
Niagara Falls (niagara.htm)
The Sacrifice at Niagara Falls (sacrific.htm)
Seek Your Father (seekyour.htm)
Mohawk Literature (mohawk.htm)
Using the Berry Plants for Nutrition and Medicine (berry.htm)
Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea), Mohawk (brant.htm)
Onondaga Literature (onondaga.htm)
Oren Lyons, Onondaga Nation (orenlyon.htm)
The Karankawas of Southeast Texas (karankaw.htm)
Karuk Literature (karuk.htm)
Kiowa Nation (kiowa.htm)
Kwakiutl Literature (kwakiut.htm)
Luiseno Literature (luiseno.htm)
Before This Land (thisland.htm)
Makah Literature (makah.htm)
When the Animals and Birds Were Created (created.htm)
Mandan Literature (mandan.htm)
Mariposa Literature (mariposa.htm)
A San Joaquin Valley Tale (sanjoacq.htm)
Menominee Literature (menomin.htm)
302 Found (metis.htm)
MicMac Literature (micmac.htm)
Rabbit and Otter, The Bungling Host (bunghost.htm)
MicMac Creation Story (crmicmac.htm)
Rabbit and the Moon Man (rabbmoon.htm)
Miwok (Yosemite) Literature (miwok.htm)
The Beginning of Thunder (thunder2.htm)
Bridal Veil Fall (bridalve.htm)
How Half Dome Was Formed (greencor.htm)
Leaping Frog Rocks (frogrock.htm)
The Origin of Yosemite (yosemite.htm)
Narragansett Literature (narrang.htm)
Dineh (Navajo) Home Page (navajo.htm)
At The Rainbow’s End (rainbows.htm)
Legend of the Night Chant (nightcha.htm)
Song of the Horses (songhors.htm)
Spider Rock (spiderro.htm)
Story of the Two Brother-Cousins (brotcous.htm)
Nez Perce Literature (nezperce.htm)
Chief Joseph, Nez Perce (joseph.htm)
Chief Joseph (joseph1.htm)
Ohiyesa (Dr. Charles Alexander Eastman), Santee Sioux (ohiyesa.htm)
American Horse (amerhors.htm)
Crazy Horse/Tashunkewitko, Oglala (crazyhor.htm)
Dull Knife (dullknif.htm)
Gall (gall.htm)
Hole-in-the-Day (holenday.htm)
Little Crow (littcrow.htm)
Little Wolf (littwolf.htm)
Rain-in-the-Face (rainface.htm)
Red Cloud (redcloud.htm)
Roman Nose (romannos.htm)
Spotted Tail (spottail.htm)
Tamahay (tamaway.htm)
Two Strike (twostrik.htm)
Ohlone Literature (ohlone.htm)
Omaha Literature (omaha.htm)
Oto Nation (oto.htm)
Paiute Literature (paiute.htm)
Wovoka (wovoka.htm)
Why the North Star Stands Still (northsta.htm)
Papago Literature (papago.htm)
The Yellow Hand (yellowha.htm)
Passamaquoddy Literature (passquat.htm)
First People and the First Corn (firstcor.htm)
The Flying Canoe (flycanoe.htm)
The Loyal Sweetheart (loyalswe.htm)
Origin of the Medicine Man (medicman.htm)
The Origin of the Thunderbird (origthun.htm)
Passamaquoddy Girl (passgirl.htm)
Pawnee Literature (pawnee.htm)
Making the Sacred Bundle (sacrbund.htm)
The Prisoners of Court House Rock (prisoner.htm)
Penobscot Literature (penobsco.htm)
The Giant and the Four Wind Brothers (fourwind.htm)
The Legend of the Bear Family (bearfami.htm)
The Water Famine (waterfam.htm)
Pequot Literature (pequot.htm)
Pima Literature (pima.htm)
The Flood on Superstition Mountain (theflood.htm)
Pueblo Nations (pueblo.htm)
Pope (Tewa medicine man) (pope.htm)
Quinault Nation (quinaul.htm)
San Poil Literature (sanpoil.htm)
Woodpecker and the Theft of Fire (woodpeck.htm)
Sauk/Fox Literature (saukfox.htm)
Seminole Literature (seminole.htm)
Men Visit the Sky (menvisit.htm)
The Milky Way (milkyway.htm)
Seminole Constitution (semincon.htm)
Shasta Literature (shasta.htm)
Land of the Ghost Dance (ghostdan.htm)
Mt. Shasta Grizzly Legend (mtshasta.htm)
Shoshoni Literature (shoshoni.htm)
Chief Washakie (washakie.htm)
The Queen of Death Valley (thequeen.htm)
Tlingit Literature (tlingit.htm)
Tlingit Creation Story (creatlingit.htm)
Tonkawa Nation (tonkawa.htm)
Tuskegee Literature (tuskegee.htm)
The Origin of Earth (origeart.htm)
Ute Literature (ute.htm)
Puma and the Bear (pumabear.htm)
Two Fawns and a Rabbit (twofawns.htm)
Two Grandsons (twogrand.htm)
Wabanaki Literature (wabanaki.htm)
Ableegumooch, the Lazy Rabbit (lazyrabb.htm)
Badger and the Green Giant (badger.htm)
Badger and the Koondao (koonadao.htm)
Badger and the Star Wives (starwive.htm)
Big Magwis and Little Magwis (magwis.htm)
The Boy Who Worried Tomorrow (worried.htm)
The Changing of Mikcheech (mikcheec.htm)
Glooscap and His People (hispeopl.htm)
Glooscap and Winpe (winpe.htm)
Glooscap, the Trickster (trickste.htm)
How Glooscap Found Summer (foundsum.htm)
How the Rabbit Lost His Tail (rabbtale.htm)
Magical Sweet-Grass Doll (doll.htm)
The Man Who Was Made a Magician (magician.htm)
Mooin, the Bear’s Child (mooin.htm)
Nokome and the Ice King (iceking.htm)
Oochigeas and the Invisible Boy (invisibl.htm)
Rabbit Calls a Truce (truce.htm)
Run, Rabbit, Run (runrabbi.htm)
Wa-Ba-Ba-Nal, The Northern Lights (wababana.htm)
Wampanoag (Mashpee) Literature (wampanog.htm)
A Mashpee Ghost Story (mashpeeg.htm)
Wasco Literature (wasco.htm)
Bridge of the Gods (bridgego.htm)
Pah-To, The White Eagle (pahto.htm)
Washo Literature (washo.htm)
Tales of Lake Tahoe (laketaho.htm)
Wichita Literature (witchita.htm)
The Skin Shifting Old Woman (oldwoman.htm)
Two Brothers Who Became Stars (twobroth.htm)
Hotcâk (Hochunk) (Winnebago) Literature (winnebag.htm)
Boy Stolen by Thunderbird (boystole.htm)
Holy Song (Medicine Song) (holysong.htm)
Some Adventures of the Little Hare (littleha.htm)
Yakama Literature (yakama.htm)
The Tah-tah-kle’-ah (Owl-Woman Monster) (owlwoman.htm)
Yokut Literature (yokut.htm)
California Creation Story (Yokut) (creamyth.htm)
A Tachi Yokut Myth (yokutmyt.htm)
Yuchi Literature (yuchi.htm)
In the Beginning (inthebeg.htm)
Neverending legacy for Te-lah-nay (telahnay.htm)
Yurok Literature (yurok.htm)
Zuni Literature (zuni.htm)
The Four Flutes (fourflut.htm)
The Hummingbird (hummingb.htm)
Swift-Runner and Trickster Tarantula (swiftrun.htm)
Larry Hill, Seneca from the Six Nations (hill.htm)
Aborigine Literature (aborigin.htm)
Aborigine Picture Gallery (aborpict.htm)
Anasazi Echoes – Reflections on our future from the past (anasazi.htm)
Eagle Stories (eagle.htm)
Where Eagles Fly (eaglefly.htm)
Luther Standing Bear (standbea.htm)
Directory of Indigenous Peoples’ Literature (Sorted by File Type) (natbytyp.htm)
Directory of Indigenous Peoples’ Literature (Sorted by Name) (natbynam.htm)
World Cultures (world1.htm)
THE MON (mons.htm)
The Sami of Scandinavia (sami.htm)
European Islands Homepages (greatbri.htm)
Maori Literature (maori.htm)
Solomon Islands Literature (solomon.htm)
Favorite Links (bestsites.htm)
Sacred Instructions (mother.htm)
Indigenouos Peoples Literature Videos (videos1.htm)
Native American Commandments (tencomm.htm)
IPL Awards, etc. (began.htm)
Indigenous Peoples Site Map (natimageside.htm)
IPL Main Menu (othersites.htm)
IPL Art / Music / Poetry (artmusic.htm)
IPL Literature (literature.htm)
IPL Links (links.htm)
IPL Blogs (blogs.htm)
IPL Blog (Blog)
IPL Awards, etc. (awards.htm)


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