Four Directions

Four Directions, Inc.

The Gathering

I dedicate this home page to a special friend of mine, Long Walker
(Ernie Peters), Dakotah, and his wife Warrior Woman, Purépecha;
and to their art and work, created for the betterment of all peoples.

Four Directions Inc.

In 1978 there was an event called “The Longest Walk”, from California to Washington DC. Ernie Peters was the Spiritual Advisor for it. There were 56 sovereign nations who took part in the walk. Midway through the march they voted to make Ernie an Honorary Chief for all of these nations. From this moving experience was born the following:


Red People

“The teachings of the Red Man say that originally, all races once lived side by side, sharing one spiritual direction. Over a long period of time, people drifted apart. Most people lost the natural direction given to them by the creator.”In an effort to expand and expose more people to the beauty of Indigenous teachings, they have created a school called:

“The Red Wind University of Natural
and Higher Intelligence and Learning”

Mysteries of Life

Those attending the University will learn about the beauty of the simplicity in traditional living, with hands on lessons taught. Our traditional way encourages qualitative learning as opposed to quantitative learning. Teachers learn as well as their students, because we are all students of life! Their goal is to educate people to create a society where all people can live in harmony with each other and all of creation.

Long Walker

Excerpt from their newsletter:

There are 268 Sovereign Indigenous land bases with the “boundaries of the United States.
These are the same lands once considered worthless but the U. S. Government and thus fit for “Savage Indians”. Yet today these lands hold 70-90% of the most coveted resources: gold, uranium, coal, etc. To date 371 treaties have been made between Indigenous Nations and the U. S. Government. None of which have been honored, including the one which annexed have of what was Mexico. It was predicted (in 1998) that the U. S. would invade native lands.
The destruction of our mother earth is not just a crime against Native Peoples, but a crime against all of humanity.”If the current global trends continue, the Nations of the world only have 50 more years before the earth will no longer be able to sustain human life.” Red Wind Sovereign International Inter-Nations wants to help stop this genocide through education of the real truth.

The Red Wind University of Natural
and Higher Intelligence and Learning
Red Wind Sovereign International Inter-Nations
P.O. Box 256
(Highway 58 & Fernandez Road)
Atascadero, CA 93423-0256

Art Gallery

Prayer Bag Necklace Four Directions

(Click on image below for full-sized view.)

Drums Eagle Mysteries of Life
Honor Staff Eagle Wing Fan


Mysteries of Life

Red Wind Sovereign International Inter-Nations

Long Walkwe


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