Mythology in the Middle Ages
Heroic Tales of Monsters, Magic, and Might

Search for the Unicorn: An Exploration into Medieval Mythology

Five Absurd Myths about the Middle Ages

Top 10 Myths and Legends of Medieval Times

15 Myths about the Middle Ages

12 myths about life in the Middle Ages
20 of the Most Bizarre Creatures From Medieval Folklore

The trappings of the Medieval Hero are woven from vibrant strands of mythology, folklore, and legend. Such Heroes speak to us in a language of adventure and wonder of the fears, burdens, and challenges we all encounter, and their glorious victories and valiant defeats still offer readers today words of hope and encouragement as we embark upon our own adventures. Archetypes endure over time, survive the demise of specific cultures, and indeed continue to flourish to the present day precisely because they tap into the dreams and nightmares shared by all humanity, the life-journey common to us all, and a more or less universal mode of human expression.

Top 10 Myths About The Middle Ages

Medieval Period Dangers!

7 Myths About Medieval Times We Thought Were Real

Medieval literature

Myths About The Middle Ages

Medieval Europeans Were White

Water Was Undrinkable

It Was A Time Of Little Learning Or Progress

People Believed The World Was Flat Until Columbus

Women Wore Chastity Belts

Knights Were Always Chivalrous

Vikings Drank From The Skulls Of Their Victims

Vikings Wore Horned Helmets

People Didn’t Live Far Past Their 30s And 40s

All Peasants Were Enslaved To A Manor In The Feudal System

Witches Were Burned At The Stake On The Regular During This Time Period

Knights Were Weighed Down By Their Heavy, Plated, Full-body Armor

People Battled It Out On Horses

The Crusades Were A Failure For Christians

‘Game of Thrones’ Was Based On Middle Ages History

Iron Maidens And The Rack Were Common Torture Methods

Christopher Columbus Discovered America

Medieval People Believed In The Fire-breathing, Flying Dragon

People In The Middle Ages Didn’t Have Guns—Just Swords, Bows And Arrows, And The Like



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